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Monday, February 17, 2020


How to get more views on youtube video Youtube Seo (Search Engine Optimization), If you want to get More views to your youtube video you must follow instructions given here. In this article we are going to give you how to get more views on youtube video that is uploaded by you. How to get your youtube video ranked in youtube search results and google search results.

Here I am giving Youtube video search engine optimization tips. How to get more views on youtube fast

Video Content:

before going to create video on particular topic, You must know the topic  is useful for public, Public interested on that topic or not. How many members of youtube viewers are searching for the content, what is the search volume for the topic. If search monthly volume is high, if you feel that search volume is sufficient then you can create your video on that topic, if not choose another topic. Choosing video content can play major role to get views on your youtube video, Video views are depended on the video topic. So topic can give you More views on Youtube Video. Useful content can increase youtube video views.
Create Videos that will give you views regularly for long time.

Video Title, Description And Tags:

Before going to upload your youtube video in Youtube web site, Do some search for Keywords, which keywords are giving views for videos, search volume of the keyword. Etc., Use Keywords in title, Description, and Search Keywords in tags. You can increase youtube video views by adding keywords in title, description and tags.

Attractive Thumb:

title, Description and tags gives you high ranking in youtube search results, but youtube viewers can click or choose videos which have attractive thumbs, some of the views are not reading titles and descriptions, Just they see and read on the youtube thumb. They prefer to watch that video. So add Attractive thumb for your video.

 Cards, End Screens And Playlist:

use Cards, End Screens in your video, and add video to playlist it can boost youtube and google Search ranking. And give views to your video.

Reply & Pin To Comment:

If you give reply to any comment, your youtube video link content can updated and give you views. Pin any comment that you like.

Share Your Youtube Video:

by sharing your youtube video, You will get subscribes, Likes, comments, and views. So share your youtube video in Social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Blogger, thumblr, linkedin etc.,

Create Back Links For Your Youtube Video:

Place your Youtube video embedded code in your websites, or in your blogger, use some back link generators to generate back links for your youtube video.
If you follow above mentioned techniques definitely your youtube video get more views.


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